Outdoor Adventure Fraternity


Celebrating 20 Years! 

The May Club is a fraternity of men brought together over time.  If you are landing on our site, please note this group is by invitation only. The May Club simply started in 1995 with a trip to the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico when two friends packed up a Honda Civic and trudged down the gravel roads into the Sacramento Mountains. Since that year, it has become an annual tradition with new additions to the mix each year.  Over the last 19 years, over 100 men have joined the adventure.

If there were to be a mission statement it would be this: 
"A weekend of adventure, that prepares you for a life of adventure."


The adventures are countless, and the friendships are priceless. 

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."  - Plato

The May Club
TheMay Club 2013